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What is a trademark?
Trademarks help people tell the difference between your goods and services, and those of your competitors. Trademarks are important because they stand for the reputation and high quality of what you offer, and are often the most valuable part of your business. The point of a trademark is to help people find your goods and services, and know that you’re the source. To do this, your trademark can’t be confusing with a competitor’s trademark. Your trademark needs to be distinct.

What does a trademark look like?
A trademark could be letters, like CIBC.
A trademark could be a word, like METRO.
A trademark could be words, like ALWAYS FRESH. ALWAYS. TIM HORTONS.
A trademark could be a sign or symbol, like Nike’s SWOOSH DESIGN.
A trademark could be a logo, like the COCA-COLA DESIGN.
A trademark could be a phone number, like Pizza Nova’s 439-0000.
A trademark could be a colour, like the orange that Hershey uses for its REESE packaging.
A trademark could be a URL, like AMAZON.CA.
A trademark could be sound, like the SWEET GEORGIA BROWN MELODY (SOUND ONLY) track used by the Harlem Globetrotters.
A trademark could be a specific type of wrapping, like Lindt’s LINDOR BALL DESIGN.
A trademark could also be a combination of any of these things.

Your trademarks might include your business name, the names of your products or services, your ad slogan, your logo design, the unique way you package your products, or the music used in your advertising.

What do you need to protect?
What are your specific trademarks? What trademarks should you protect through registration? If you aren’t sure, contact us and we’ll review your business with you, and help you identify what trademarks you should protect through registration. Not only do we make sure you properly protect your business, but we also make sure you aren’t wasting money registering trademarks that don’t need to be registered, or filing applications that won’t ever make it through to registration.

The main reasons to register your trademarks include protection across Canada, creating evidence that you’re the owner, making it easier to stop someone from using something similar, and adding value to your trademarks and your business.


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